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Ericsson Mobile Positioning SDK

Ericsson released beta 2 of their MPS SDK, which is a software development kit for developing location based services on wireless phones. According to the site: “It supports both the Ericsson proprietary Mobile Positioning Protocol (MPP) and the Mobile Location … Continue reading

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Motocoder: Motorola Phone programming

Motorola has a nice site put together for wireless programming: MOTOCODERâ„¢

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Fall weekend in New England

It’s fall in New England (in contrast to somewhere like California, where it’s fallsummerspringwinter all year ’round), so yesterday we went apple picking up in York County, Maine at McDougal Orchards with Kristen (who I didn’t get a picture of! … Continue reading

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re: Features Talk, but Behaviors Close

From the newsletter, an article that was able to clearly and poignantly articulate a discussion I’ve struggled with many times at work. As part of our proposal process we’re constantly putting together “feature lists” (which admittedly we do combine … Continue reading

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Extending web.config in ASP.NET

Last March I wrote about how handy it is that ASP.NET enables you to add your own custom settings to the web.config file using syntax like this: <appSettings> <add key=”connString” value=”user id=sa;password=mypassword;” /> </appSettings> This is nice, but can quickly … Continue reading

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ASP.NET HttpModule Security Example

I wrote a short bit about HttpHandlers and HttpModules a couple weeks ago and recently had decided to use an HttpModule to function as a security gateway for specific parts of the application I’m developing. If you have any experience … Continue reading

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Highlighting search results with Lucene 1.3

Mark (who looks like a pretty smart cookie) has put together some code that gives Lucene 1.3 users the ability to highlight terms in searched documents. You can read more about it here and download the software (zip) here.

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Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

I hate my mouse, I love ALT-TAB in Windows, Homesite gives you CTRL-TAB to effectively switch between open files but I couldn’t figure out a way to the do the same thing in Eclipse. Turns out Eclipse functions more like … Continue reading

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Eclipse Local History

Say you just modified a file in Eclipse and you want to roll back to the version you had about 5 minutes ago. With a normal IDE, if you’ve had the file checked out from SourceSafe or CVS without checking … Continue reading

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Migrating from ColdFusion to ASP.NET

Microsoft has put together an extensive article for developers migrating from CFMX to ASP.NET, including a pretty fair feature comparison chart. Probably the most obvious thing that the feature comparison table lacks is the mention of the close integration of … Continue reading

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