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J2ME Recipe Browser

As an exercise, I wrote up a J2ME client for As I mentioned a couple days ago, it sends HTTP requests to a servlet to receive a list of recipes as XML, and then (given a specific recipe), sends … Continue reading

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my moblog

Proof that I can put up crappy pictures of stuff that probably doesn’t interest you in the least. Check it out now. All pics taken with the 3650.

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Amazon webservice newsletter highlights

Amazon’s latest Web Services Newletter includes a couple items of note: · Amazon Web Services Watch — the “… the cream of the crop from the Amazon Developer’s Forum” · From the aforementioned Web Services Watch newsletter, WebSphere 5.02 Web … Continue reading

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I mentioned a couple days ago that my current project is based on a C# and ASP.NET. I don’t have access to Visual Studio (should I try to get it? is it worth it?) so I’ve been using the Improv … Continue reading

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Parsing XML in J2ME

Spent a couple hours tonight working on a MIDP client for the recipe site. Initially I tried serving up pipe delimited plain text (ie: response.setContentType(“text/plain”);) and then parsing that using the J2ME classes, but then I saw the light that … Continue reading

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RSS Tutorial on

Dave Winer points to an excellent RSS tutorial on It features a “… JSP Tag Library to be used by anybody with a basic understanding of RSS, JavaServer Pages, and HTML.”

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Alternative Uses for RSS

At work we use a homemade bug tracking system I built a couple years ago during a slow month. Although the code isn’t exactly stellar, it works pretty well and most importantly, people actually use it(!). My biggest beef with … Continue reading

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Logging in C#

I wrote up a very simple C# class that provides logging for C# applications since the C# Logger on sourceforge is still in alpha (and doesn’t appear to be active) and the .NET framework doesn’t seem to provide normal text … Continue reading

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Test versus Type

Oliver Steele, who is the Chief Software Architect at Laszlo Systems, wrote a short essay about the cost and time difference between “Explicity-Typed Languages” and “Implicitly-Typed Languages”. A couple people pointed out in the comments that you gain back some … Continue reading

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The Apache Newsletter

The Apache Software Foundation is now putting out a monthly newsletter that “… tries to let people know what’s been going on in the Apache subprojects when they have been unable to monitor all of them themselves.” You can sign … Continue reading

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