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HTTP Spider & Lucene

Spent the majority of my day today refactoring the HTTP spider & Lucene indexing application I’ve been writing on and off for the last couple months as a learning exercise. One of the first things I did was modify the … Continue reading

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If you use XML at all during the day (and who doesn’t) and you use Eclipse, read this article: XML development with Eclipse and then download the Eclipse XMLBuddy plugin. Very handy!

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Tomcat: The Definitive Guide

Oreilly has a Tomcat book coming out in June: Tomcat: The Definitive Guide. No table of contents yet…

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IBM developerWorks

Just me and the computers this weekend. I’ve not spent alot of time on IBM’s site, but developerWorks and alphaWorks (emerging technologies) are two really great sites. Not sure how often they update the site, but the Java technology directory … Continue reading

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The Java™ Specialists Newsletter

Found this today in our developers meeting: The Java™ Specialists’ Newsletter Archive. Looks like a great resource. Sign up now.

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Flash Remoting Docs bug

Got an email from Scott who was trying to work with C# and Flash Remoting. He couldn’t get the “Creating an assembly that returns an ActionScript object” example to work from the FlashRemoting LiveDocs. Looks to me like the documentation … Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson J2ME SDK

Sony released the final version of their SDK for J2ME and guidelines for Java developers. Russ mentioned a couple weeks ago that the 3650 supports Sun’s Media API; apparently the T610 supports a subset of it: “The Mobile Media API … Continue reading

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xPetstore 3.1 Released

Another version of the petstore application has been released, this one a re-implementation of the Sun Microsystem PetStore based on xDoclet. If you’re into learning more about EJB 2.0, CMP, CMR, Servlets, Web Filters and JSP TagLibs, then take a … Continue reading

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Declarative Security for Web Application

Catching up on the homework for the free J2EE Programming Class I’m taking, this week drills down into the security options offered by servlet containers, specifically Tomcat. One of the things I hadn’t spent much time on before was the … Continue reading

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Eclipse SSH Plugin

If you use Eclipse, check out this SSH plugin from eclipse plugins: Eclipse SSH Console. Download, unzip, restart Eclipse and then go to Window –> Show View –> Other –> Eclipse SSH Console. One less window I have to have … Continue reading

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